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Welcome to the News & Updates section for 124 Merton. Read the latest and greatest about our office building and feel free to comment, ask questions and discuss all the great things happening in our beloved little office building!


the shape of the tomato inspires the recipe

124 merton has about 40 varieties of tomatoes on its organic rooftop urban farm. today’s dish is inspired by the shape of this tomato that resembles a crab.


new harvest at 124 merton rooftop

Today I went up to the roof top organic farm at 124 merton and picked theses tomatoes that remind me of my Hungarian heritage. They also are in the form of Hungarian peppers. here raw, grilled, [...]


124 Merton Featured on the New York Spaces Blog

Artist and architectural designer, Vivian Reiss,was recently featured in the design blog, New York Spaces, for her creative renovation of the 124 Merton. When Reiss purchased the building it was [...]


My New Artifacts in the Hallways of 124 Merton

The Empress Building at 124 Merton Street is known for its art and artifacts throughout the building. As we were putting up this beautiful painting from Rajasthan one of our tenants remarked, [...]


Tomato Panic or Red Alert [or yellow, purple, white, pink or maybe, striped alert]

Last week I had a tomato panic. I found out that Doris Giardino, who grew my beautiful heritage tomato seedlings for my rooftop garden, was not growing them again this year. [...]


Toronto Boutique Office Building Sports a Roof Top Garden

Work perks: A Roof-Top Garden Can Suddenly Make the Office a Preferred Option adapted from an article By Ben Kaplan, National Post There are eggplants and fig trees and artichokes growing in [...]


Getting One Up on the Ultimate Foodie

By Corey Mintz, Toronto Star If Toronto is looking for ways to generate revenue, we need to position speed traps near Josh Josephson’s house. Because when he shows up for dinner, having [...]

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