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tomato-tasting-merton-aug-2010-082-768x1024Artist and architectural designer, Vivian Reiss,was recently featured in the design blog, New York Spaces, for her creative renovation of the 124 Merton. When Reiss purchased the building it was a rather utilitarian 1970’s office building but she saw potential and went to work with her design magic. Though she is a devotee of 70’s esthetic, Reiss could not find much to recommend in terms of the original décor and architecture of the building. What is now a wall near the elevators of sparkling blue Italian mosaic tiles, was once covered with burnt-orange and mud-brown tiles – a long-ago aesthetic trend gone terribly wrong. The use of space throughout the building was contrived and without personality, completely drab and practical. Not an inspirational place to go to work. 

Take a look at it now and you wouldn’t recognize it. Her favorite part of the rehab was the creation of the rooftop garden. Before it was an expanse of black tar, with absolutely nothing to recommend it. Now it is an oasis of zen. With comfortable seating, tons of plants and flowers (her prize-winning tomatoes are always on offer!), topiary, and private spaces for meetings, a glass of wine, a personal phone call, or just a way to de-stress, even if it is for a short time.

The residents of the building love the garden on the roof and the second floor courtyard, and use it continuously. These spaces have enhanced their working lives immeasurably, and many of them are eager to take their clients up to this amazing space. Find out more about the renovation on the New York Spaces blog.

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