Suite 208 – Currently Leased

This unit has four office spaces and includes  a small kitchen.

Size: 769 sf | Additional Rent: 12.95 psf | Net Rent: 18.50 psf +HST
Monthly Rent: 2,015.42 +HST

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  • We find the management to be personable and flexible. Not only is it close to the sub­way, in the summer we can enjoy the rooftop garden and some of the produce. These green spaces are unique in commercial real estate and support a sense of community within the building

    Kate Powadiuk Cathexis Consulting
  • We love having our office in this building! The owner, Vivian Reiss, has created an environment in the lobby and on the roof, that is artistic, and “speaks” to quality of life issues. Since my wife and I originate from the arts community, we feel right at home and are proud to receive our clients in this building.

    Joost Pelt Black Tulip Inc.
  • I have been at 124 Merton Street for 2 years. I am, as well as all my patients, thrilled to be in a building with landlords who are constantly trying to beautify their building to make it a more wonderful place for all of us to live and work in. Bravo Vivian and Irving!

    Dr. Marcel Reux Davisville Yonge Clinics on Merton

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